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Depends what you mean, in the books they were all wearing black and grey robes, in the movie Aro and Caius were wearing suits and Marcus was wearing a robe kind of thing. :)

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When he turns into a werewolf, his clothes explode so he wears usually only a pair of pants and underwear of course!

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shorts and NOT shirts

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you have to dress in black or brown

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Q: What is the clothes Jacob Black wears in new moon?
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Taylor Lautner played Jacob Black in New Moon. Is that what you asked? Your question is really poorly phrased and nearly unintelligible.

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go on google and search "jacob black" or "taylor lautner"

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ITS OFFICIAL TAYLOR LAUTNER WILL BE BACK AS JACOB BLACK IN NEW MOON Click on the related question below to see a list of the entire cast of New Moon:

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