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Q: What is the climax of mason Dixon memory?
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Who are the characters in a mason dixon memory?

Dondre Green and Clifton Davis

What is the setting in the story A Mason-Dixon Memory?

"A Mason-Dixon Memory" is set in the American South, specifically in Mississippi. The story takes place during the Civil Rights era and explores themes of racial tension and division in the region.

What line divided Pennsylvania and Virginia?

The Mason-Dixon Line is the boundary between Pennsylvania and Virginia. It was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 to settle a border dispute between the British colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

What is the conflict of the story A Mason Dixon Memory by Clifton Davis?

that he couldn't go to the amusement park

Is it Mason-Dixie Line or Mason-Dixon Line?

It's Mason-Dixon.

Why was Mason Dixon more than a boundary line?

The Mason-Dixon line divided the North from the South, the free states from the slave states. The south, in memory of this division, is still sometimes referred to as "Dixie".

What is the theme of mason dixon Dixon memory?

the mainn message of the story is that a simple act of love and courage could be an effective weapon.freedom needs to be gained and to be fourght for.

When was Mason-Dixon Conference created?

Mason-Dixon Conference was created in 1936.

When did Mason-Dixon Conference end?

Mason-Dixon Conference ended in 1974.

What marked the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland?

The Mason Dixon Line which has come to symbolize the cultural boundary between the Northern United States and Dixie.

What was the imaginary line called that separated the southern states and the northern states?

The "Mason-Dixon" Line Not true, the Mason-Dixon line was used due to colonial disputes with the British colonies at about 1763

How long is the mason-dixon line?

The Mason - Dixon Line is 233 miles long.