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Well it's kinda a closet/spiky death scene

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Q: What is the chokie of movie Matilda?
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What ceral does Matilda eat in the movie Matilda?

Matilda eats Cheerios which she feeds to herself by using her powers. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!

Who was the Father of Matilda in the movie Matilda?

Harry Wormwood.

What do you think of the girls name Matilda?

Well I've seen the movie Matilda and I think its a great movie and im a grown woman. Matilda sounds very proper, but anoying, MATILDA!!! MATILDA!!! MATILDA, COME PICK UP YOURS TOYS THIS INSTANT!!

What is Matilda Wornwoods real name called?

The actress, Mara Wilson, played Matilda Wormwoods in the movie 'Matilda'.

What actors and actresses starred in the movie Matilda?

The movie Matilda starred Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito as Matilda's parents. Matilda was portrayed by Mara Wilson. Embeth Davidtz and Pam Ferris were also featured.

How many parts does the movie Matilda have?

What is the answer

Does Matilda from the movie Matilda have freckles?

No. She had clear skin back then, and she has clear skin now

How old is Matilda and What is her name?

Matilda was 4 and then at the end of the movie she was in 3rd grade and was 9 years old and her name is actually Matilda

Does the movie Matilda has special effects?

Yes, the movie Matilda has special effects. How else would they have made objects fly around the room?

A Scene from Matilda with Characters and Dialogues?

dialogues of miss honey in matilda movie chapter 7

What is the running time of the movie Matilda?

The running time for the movie Matilda is 102 minutes. This rounds to approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. This movie is a very long movie for some people.

What was the country that the Matilda movie was flimed in?