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Q: What is the chance that human male child will be born?
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What is the chance that a human will be born male?

Honestly, it should be 50:50 on female or male.

Does Becoming pregnant by a shemale increase the chance of the child being born transgender?

She male no, Hermaphrodite yes

How can a woman get a male child has her first issues?

There is no way to engineer a male child, there is always a 50 - 50 chance of male or female.

What is the chances of us being born male or female?

51.6% chance of being born male.

How are traits passed from their parents to their off springs?

through the genetic information of DNA. if the child is male, there's a 75% chance the child will have the nose of of the father, but if the child is female, then it will have a 75% chance of the nose of the mother.

What does human mean in the word HIV?

Human is male and female, man and woman, child, infant..... a person.

What is the probability that their next child will be male?

1 in 2 children born will be male.

What depends to born a male child in a human being?

The egg has two chromosomes and these are X and X where as a sperm has X and Y chromosomes, when an X form the egg and a Y from the sperm are put together you get a male.

What is the probability that a couple's first born child will be female and their second born child will be male?

50% then 25%

What does Okpara mean?

First born male child.

Is son a verb?

No, "son" is not a verb. It is a noun that refers to a male child or offspring.

What is the percent chance that a normal male and a female carrier will have a child who has the disorder?

You might need to indicate what the disorder is.