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The Casa Mila apartment house was a late example of Antonio Gaudi 's apartment house was a late example of Antonio Gaudi 's commercial design. On a corner site, the building facade is curvilinear in form and based on organic concepts. The heavy facade is tied to the floors behind. The most successful portions of the design were the roof vaults, clustered chimneys, and balcony railings designed by Jujol. This design caused much public comment, and Antonio Gaudi was forced to defend his organic forms in general terms.

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The Casa Milà is made of concrete, steel, and stone.

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Q: What is the casa mila made of?
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Where was the casa mila made?

Barcelona, Catolina, Spain

Which materials were used to build the Casa Mila?


What are 2 sites in Barcelona?

The works of Antoni Gaudí: Sagrada Família, Casa Mila, Casa Fuster, Casa Batlló, Park Güell. Museum of Salvador Dalí.

What did gaudi study?

Antoni Gaudi was an architect from Reus. He is best known the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo buildings in Barcelona.

When was the casa mila built?

It was started being built in 1905 and was finally completed in 1912

Why was casa mila built?

It was built for the married couple, Roser Segimon and Pere Milà.

What are some names for antoni gaudis work?

Some of the names are Casa Vicens Park Guell Guell Palace Casa Battlo Casa Mila Sagrada Familia.... Hope that helps:D!

Casa Mila is an example of which style of art?

To the Catalan Modernisme, which corresponds to Art Nouveau in the rest of western Europe. One might att that the works of Antoni Gaudí are highly personal.

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What work is Antonio Gaudi famous for?

he was a Spanish Catalan architect famous for his modernist style and his unique and individualistic styles. See Placa Reial in Barcelona, Villa El Capricho at Santander, Episcopal Palace at Astorga, Casa Mila, Casa Calvet, Sagrada Familia, Church of Colonia Guell and Parc Guell

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