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Simon and Garfunkel - the only living boy in new york

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Q: What is the car commercial that has the song with the words here I am?
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What is the song on the new 2009 Buick car commercial?

Here Comes the Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze

Who sings the song Hey pretty on a car commercial?

The song "Hey Pretty" on the car commercial you're referring to is by the artist Poe, from her album "Haunted".

What is that French song played in a car commercial?

If you think of the Volvo commercial it's the song "Lou" by Coralie Clement.

What song is on the car commercial with the words earth below us?

Major Tom (Coming Home) 2009 - by Shiny Toy Guns

What car commercial used a girl dancing to a techno song in a gray car?

"Days Go By" Mitsubishi commercial

What is the name of the song in the Infinity M car commercial?

It's an original score... You can't get it. Sorry okbye

Who performs the song on the current cadillac car commercial?

Phoenix - the song is "1901"

What is the song and artist for the 2005 Toyota Corolla commercial where the guy is chained to his car?

Find the name and artist of any current TV commerical song here: ~ T

What was the car commercial with the mice driving around in a red car and what is the song in it called?

I think that is the Kia Sorrento commercial. Don't know the name of the song.

What is that car commercial on TV where there is a shot of each person in his or her own car switching the radio to the same song as everyone else?

it may be a honda, or hyudai commerical... hmmmsomeone help me out here

What T-Rex song was used in a car commercial?

The song is "Twentieth Century Boy".

Who sings the song Love Hurts on the car commercial?