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1-800- I love WJ (456 8395)

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Q: What is the call in number for Walton and Johnson show?
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In what city is Walton and Johnson broadcast?

There is a broadcast of the Walton and Johnson show in Houston another in New York City and there are a great deal of Internet broadcasts. Surely finding one to listen to would be easy anywhere in the nation.

Is Walmart's owner the Walton the same Walton as Waltons mountain show was made from?

No they are not the same.

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How did ben and Cindy Walton daughter Virginia die?

It is unknown how Virginia Walton died on "The Waltons." It is never discussed on the show.

Ralph of the Waltons?

Ralph Waite played John Walton on the classic show "The Walton's." He was born in 1928 and died in February of 2014.

Could you show me the last episode of the Walton program?

Sorry we don't show videos here.

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Was David Caruso a member of the cast on the Walton's TV show?


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