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118.7 BPM's

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Q: What is the bpm of baba o'riley?
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Where was radar oriley from?

Corporal "Radar" O'Riley on M*A*S*H was from Ottumwa, Iowa.

What is the BPM of lose yourself by Eminem?

85 bpm

What is the genre of a song with 94 bpm?

A song from any genre could have 94 bpm. Bpm does not specify a genre.

Is allegro faster or slower than adagio?

Presto is faster with a tempo usually starting at 220 bpm

What is the tempo order slow to fast?

Disregard all the bpms -- 20bpm is one beat every three seconds, which is a VERY long time. The hierarchy is correct but part of the performer's job as an interpreter is to make a decision based on feel, historical context and context within the piece. If the third movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata were actually performed at 200 bpm (which is impossible) it would last about 3.5-4 minutes instead of the 7 to 8.5 that feels natural.Larghissimo - very, very slow (20 bpm and below)Grave - slow and solemn (20-40 bpm)Lento - very slow (40-60 bpm)Largo - very slow (40-60 bpm), like lentoLarghetto - rather broadly (60-66 bpm)Adagio - slow and stately (literally, "at ease") (66-76 bpm)Adagietto - rather slow (70-80 bpm)Andante - at a walking pace (76-108 bpm)Andante Moderato - a bit faster than andanteAndantino - slightly faster than andanteModerato - moderately (101-110 bpm)Allegretto - moderately fast (but less so than allegro)Allegro moderato - moderately quick (112-124 bpm)Allegro - fast, quickly and bright (120-139 bpm)Vivace - lively and fast (˜140 bpm) (quicker than allegro)Vivacissimo - very fast and livelyAllegrissimo - very fastPresto - very fast (168-200 bpm)Prestissimo - extremely fast (more than 200bpm)