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september 11, 1950

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Q: What is the birthday of Sheila Schuller Coleman?
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What is Gunther Schuller's birthday?

Gunther Schuller was born on November 22, 1925.

Is Robert H Schuler alive?

If you mean Robert H Schuller the Positive Thinking guru, yes he is alive. He is no longer the pastor of the famous Crystal Cathedral. His son became the pastor then was fired by his father and replaced by his sister. The basically family ran "ministry" ran into problems as family members incomes continued to rise as debts went unpaid. The once 10,000 members had dropped with only 800 in attendance for Sheila Schuller Coleman's final appearance. Robert H and Arvela Schuller were departed amid a multimillion dollar fight with the churches board. Schuller Coleman's sister, husband and brother-in-law were all fired. The glass building has been sold to a local Catholic Diocese for 57.5 million Dollars.

What happened to rev Robert schuller jr?

The elder Dr. Schuller and his son, Robert A. Schuller have experienced a rift caused by differences in their vision for the Hour of Power tv program. The younger Schuller was removed as President in November 2008 when the division between father and son became significant enough to adversely affect the corporation the elder Dr. Schuller built, including and especially the television program, the Hour of Power. The younger Schuller resigned a month later. In 2009, the younger Schuller debuted in a show of his own on the American Life network to dismal ratings. The show ended a month later. The younger Schuller and his second wife Donna claim he had no freedom in decision making at all while the elder Dr. Schuller and daughter Sheila claim he had complete freedom to make leadership decisions.

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