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Zeeshan Karimi's birth name is Zeeshan Ahmed Karimi.

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Q: What is the birth name of Zeeshan Karimi?
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What nicknames does Zeeshan Karimi go by?

Zeeshan Karimi goes by Zeesh.

When was Zeeshan Karimi born?

Zeeshan Karimi was born on October 22, 1977, in Pakistan.

What is the birth name of Zeeshan Kazmi?

Zeeshan Kazmi's birth name is Syed Zeeshan Haider Kazmi.

What is the birth name of Merhan Nasseri?

Merhan Nasseri's birth name is Mehran Karimi Nasseri.

Where is the origin of the name Karimi?


What does the Kikuyu name Karimi mean?

The Kikuyu name Karimi means "one who digs" or "one who cultivates." It is derived from the Kikuyu word "kuurima," which means to dig or to cultivate the land.

How do you spell zeeshan?


Who is the real Zayn Malik?

he is in my college, his name is... Choudry Zeeshan Khan

When was Nosrat Karimi born?

Jamal Karimi-Rad was born in 1956.

Who is abdol'azim karimi?

Abdol'azim Karimi is an Iranian Doctor of Medicine nothing is known more about him research the name through and you might have a more thorough explanation

When was Zeeshan Siddiqi born?

Zeeshan Siddiqi was born in 1976.

How tall is Zeeshan Kazmi?

Zeeshan Kazmi is 5' 11".