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Velicity Von's birth name is Lisa Young.

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Q: What is the birth name of Velicity Von?
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How tall is Velicity Von?

Velicity Von is 168 cm.

What are some of Velicity Von's achievements?

Velicity Von is famous for being in pornography. She has made many different pornographic films and worked with lots of other stars. She is a big name in this industry.

Does velicity von have aids?

We do not have access to their medical history.

Where is velicity von now?

This is an inappropriate question. One of the main rules of this task is that all questions must be answerable and the answers must be appropriate for all age levels. A quick search of Velicity Von indicates that this is not someone who is appropriate for children.

How much does Velicity Von earn?

The average female porn star makes about $100,000 to $250,000 per year. However, this all depends on successfulness of videos. Unfortunately, I could not find out how much Velicity Von herself earns.

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Velicity is a popular girls name, so there is no term meaning. The name Velicity however may have the meaning of an individual who wishes to seek change or to travel, and one who dislikes monotony.

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