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Ramses Ramsauer's birth name is Joachim Virgilius Ramsauer.

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Q: What is the birth name of Ramses Ramsauer?
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When was Ramses Ramsauer born?

Ramses Ramsauer was born in 1961, in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria.

What is the birth name of Ramses Del Hierro Ericstam?

Ramses Del Hierro Ericstam's birth name is Ramses Emanuel Del Hierro Ericstam.

When did Carl Ramsauer die?

Carl Ramsauer died in 1955.

What is Carl Ramsauer's birthday?

Carl Ramsauer was born on February 6, 1879.

When was Carl Ramsauer born?

Carl Ramsauer was born on February 6, 1879.

When did Johann Georg Ramsauer die?

Johann Georg Ramsauer died on 1874-12-14.

When was Johann Georg Ramsauer born?

Johann Georg Ramsauer was born on 1795-03-07.

When was Peter Ramsauer born?

Peter Ramsauer was born on February 10, 1954, in Traunwalchen, Traunreut, Bavaria, Germany.

Is Ramses the great the same as Ramses 2?

Of course, Ramses the Great is just another name he is called.

What was Ramses the third Horus name?

Below is a link to Ramses the 3ed.

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How did Ramses II get his name?

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