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Onia Nevaeh's birth name is Madelena Barragan.

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Q: What is the birth name of Onia Nevaeh?
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When was Onia Nevaeh born?

Nevaeh was born on February 26, 1986, in Mokena, Illinois, USA.

How do you say the name Nevaeh in Spanish?

The name Nevaeh does not translate into Spanish. It does not have a specific meaning. The name Nevaeh is the word heaven backwards. The word for heaven in Spanish is Cielo. Cielo backwards is Oleic.

Do you have a name that is unique with your powers?


Is nevaeh a cute name for a girl?


What does onia mean as an ending in a word?

"Onia" used as an extension has a few meanings. First of all, as in "pneumonia," "pneum," the translation of "throat," means "the throat is affected by," "<OTHER>." The student cannot ever be allowed to utter the thing because you cannot know the true meaning of Onia. Onia is the most secret, convectual, I pissed my pantsectual name you'll ever encounter. Kay?

Is nevaeh a good baby name?

pretty good even better with twins heaven and nevaeh that's my opinion it is up to you

How tall is Nevaeh Kaufman?

Nevaeh Kaufman is 4' 1 1/2".

What middle name would go good with nevaeh?

Angel, Faith, Hope.

Is Heaven a good name for a little girl?

Its a great name.Its Nevaeh backwards,and if its in your heart its the right name.

When was Nevaeh - album - created?

Nevaeh - album - was created on -20-07-05.

Is the Nevaeh a saint's name?

No, it's just heaven spelt backwards, originating from England.

What movie and television projects has Beth Crist been in?

Beth Crist has: Played Nevaeh in "CZW Cerebral 2012" in 2012. Played Nevaeh in "CZW Redemption" in 2012. Played Nevaeh in "CZW Prelude to Violence: Ohio Is for Killers" in 2012. Played Nevaeh in "CZW: Cage of Death XV" in 2013. Played Nevaeh in "CZW Ascension" in 2013.