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Moreen Guese's birth name is Carleen Morgan Cajucom Guese.

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Q: What is the birth name of Moreen Guese?
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What nicknames does Moreen Guese go by?

Moreen Guese goes by Moreen.

When was Moreen Guese born?

Moreen Guese was born on October 20, 1992, in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

What movie and television projects has Moreen Guese been in?

Moreen Guese has: Played Fatima Soriano in "Maalaala mo kaya" in 1991. Played Ivy in "Maalaala mo kaya" in 1991. Played Rose Ramos in "Maalaala mo kaya" in 1991. Played Pie Angeles (2000) in "Labs ko si babes" in 2000. Played Mabel in "Hostage" in 2001. Played Young Marian in "Forevermore" in 2002. Played Young Perla in "Volta" in 2004.

What actors and actresses appeared in Labs ko si babes - 2000?

The cast of Labs ko si babes - 2000 includes: Marvin Agustin Moreen Guese as Pie Angeles (2000) Jolina Magdangal Gloria Romero Zsa Zsa Padilla

How tall is Moreen Littrell?

Moreen Littrell is 5' 6".

When did Whitey Guese die?

Whitey Guese died on 1951-04-08.

When was Whitey Guese born?

Whitey Guese was born on 1872-01-24.

What has the author Moreen Monn written?

Moreen Monn has written: 'Never walk in darkness'

When was Joe Guese born?

Joe Guese was born on January 14, 1982, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

When and where did baseball player Whitey Guese die?

Whitey Guese died April 8, 1951, in Wapakoneta, OH, USA.

What is the colour of betel guese?


Does joe guese have a girlfriend?

yes me :)