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Bunga Hosoi's birth name is Fumimasa Hosoi.

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Q: What is the birth name of Bunga Hosoi?
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What nicknames does Bunga Hosoi go by?

Bunga Hosoi goes by Bunga.

How tall is Bunga Hosoi?

Bunga Hosoi is 166 cm.

What is bunga?

Bunga Bunga is the name for erotic sex ritual or game. It recently came to the fore as Silivio Berlusconi was alleged to have taken part in bunga bunga sessions with a young Moroccan Belly dancer. Some jokes use it to refer to anal rape.

When was Hosoi Heishu born?

Hosoi Heishu was born in 1728.

When did Hosoi Heishu die?

Hosoi Heishu died in 1801.

What nicknames does Christian Hosoi go by?

Christian Hosoi goes by Holmes.

When was Masaji Hosoi born?

Masaji Hosoi was born in 1947, in Hokkaido, Japan.

When was Christian Hosoi born?

Christian Hosoi was born on October 5, 1967, in USA.

When was Osamu Hosoi born?

Osamu Hosoi was born on November 22, 1964, in Saitama, Japan.

What is the name of a very large Indonesian plant with short-lived foul-smelling flowers?

The previous person says: titan arum, but I'll say it's Latin name is Rafflesia arnoldi, and it's Indonesian name is "bunga bangkai" Rafflesia is also known as bunga bangkai (Indonesian) or bunga pakma (Malaysian).

What is the purpose of a Christian hosoi?

Christian Hosoi is a professional skateboarder. He started at the age of 7 and turned professional at the age of 14 when he joined Sims Skateboards. He formed his own company in 1984 called Hosoi Skates.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dear Grandmother - 2012?

The cast of Dear Grandmother - 2012 includes: Yosuke Hosoi Kin Hosoi