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Aurelia Plath's birth name is Aurelia Schober.

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Aurelia Plath died on March 11, 1994, in Needham, Massachusetts, USA of Alzheimer's disease.

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Q: What is the birth name of Aurelia Plath?
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When was Aurelia Plath born?

Aurelia Plath was born on April 26, 1907, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Does Ted Hughes mention Plath's mother in the birthday letters?

Yes, Hughes wrote a good deal about Plath's mother in Birthday Letters- also some revealing things in a volume entitled "Howls and Whispers" which can only be read in his Collected Poems. Aurelia (Plath's mother) and Hughes had a fascinating relationship. They were really the only two who were intimately known to Plath. They both loved her, tried to help her, and both caught the fullness of her wrath like no others. I always sympathized with her mother, as Hughes remarked as he grew to know her in the years following Plath's suicide- "A remarkable woman." She was definitely a player in Plath's "myth."

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