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The Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus) also known as the Red-backed Sea-eagle in Australia, is a medium-sized bird of prey in the family Accipitridae, which also includes many other diurnal raptors such as eagles, buzzards and harriers. They are found in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Australia. They are found mainly on the coast and in inland wetlands where they feed on dead fish and other prey. Adults have a reddish brown plumage and a contrasting white head and breast which makes them easy to distinguish from other Birds of Prey.

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I am sure this is an old post but if you are monitoring: I looked up the Brahminy Kite and it is decidedly different than the bird in the Movie Kickboxer.  The bird in the movie the bird has a golden plumage on its head and breast and a dark red body. 

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Q: What is the bird in the movie kickboxer?
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