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Acrylic polymer is the medium binder of Acrylic paint

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acrylic polymer emulsion

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Q: What is the binder for acrylic?
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How you can get paint from rocks?

by grinding them into powder, and adding a binder to them (oil, acrylic or egg)

Where can you find a homemade acrylic glaze recipe?

It's relatively simple. Just get a jar of plextol (acrylic binder), and mix it with acrylic paint. The plextol is milkish when wet, but it dries up clear and transparent

What chemicals are in acrylic paint?

The binder of the acrylic paint is called "acrylic polymer emulsion," and it can be found in different forms, which can be referred to as the "acrylic mediums". The easiest way to make acrylic paint is to use Aqua - Dispersions of Pigments, which are completely ready to use when you buy them. Acrylic paint is fast drying that contains pigment suspension in acrylic polymer emulsion. This type of paint can be diluted with but are resistant to water when they dry. A finished acrylic paint can resemble an oil or water colour painting depending on how much the painting is diluted or modified with acrylic gels or pastes.

Can you paint flat paint over an acrylic paint?

Do you realize that you can get FLAT ACRYLIC PAINT. Flat paint refers to the gloss level. You may want Gloss, Satin, Lowsheen or Flat. Acrylic paint on the other hand refers to what the paint is based on or what binder is being used. Acrylic paint is also refered to as waterbased paint. You most likely are referring to putting flat acrylic over lowsheen or gloss acrylic. In answer to your question - as long as they are both acrylic than you will not have any problems. I am in this answer assuming that you are referring you house paints. If not than the same principle applies - acrylic over acrylic is fine. To keep acrylic from going glossy just don't polish it.

What has the author John Richard Kennedy written?

John Richard Kennedy has written: 'An optical study of ammonium perchlorate sandwiches with a polybutadiene acrylic acid binder' -- subject(s): Aeronautics

What is paint for houses made out of?

House paints are typically made of pigments, binder, and solvent. Pigments contain the colors, the binder holds everything together, and the solvent to provide consistency when you paint. Some paints are made from latex or acrylic, some are oil based, and some have other synthetic substance like elastomer.

What makes yellow paint and green paint?

Yellow paint is made by mixing yellow pigment with a binder, such as oil or acrylic. Green paint is made by combining blue and yellow pigments together with a binder to create the color green. The specific pigments and ratios used can vary depending on the desired shade of yellow or green.

What is the birth name of Otto Binder?

Otto Binder's birth name is Otto Oscar Binder.

What is an accordion-style binder?

an accordian style binder is a binder........ oh wat the heck are ya that dumb

What is the binder for buon fresco?

what is the binder for buon fesco

How do you prepare canvass for oil painting?

There are different methods - the oldfashioned one, is to first stretch the canvas, glue it in with rabbitskin-glue, then put a gesso over it. Nowadays acrylic binder and gesso is much used, but this might not be a very durable procedure in the end (in house painting, everyone knows not to put oilbased paint over acrylic paint...). Adding caseine to the gesso can help.

What in binder?

'Binder ' is any substance that holds things together.