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Luke...I.. am your father

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Q: What is the biggest movie spoiler in film history?
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Is chithram a hit movie?

Yes..It was one of the biggest hits in Malayalam film industry.

How real is the movie gladiator?

There really was a Roman emperor named Marcus Aurelius, and he had a son named Commodus, who succeeded him. In contrast to the movie, Marcus named Commodus his successor, rather than Maximus. However, some historians suspect Commodus did have a hand in his father's death. Commodus did not die in the arena. He was killed by a wrestler. After Commodus' death, Rome did not return to a republic as suggested in the movie. General Maximus Decimus Meridius is a fictitious character. There was a general named Avidius Cassius, who fought in the campaign depicted in the film and, upon hearing of Marcus' death, declared himself emperor of Rome. However, his own soldiers assassinated him. Later in Roman history, there was a general named Maximus, who appears to have had revolutionary ideas. Commodus really did have a sister named Lucilla, and, as depicted in the movie, she hated him. Lucilla was married to the co-emperor, Lucius Verus. Lucilla plotted to have Commodus assassinated, but Commodus had her exiled for the plot and later executed. So, unlike what happened in the movie, Commodus outlived his sister. It was another sister, not Lucilla, that Commodus was rumored to have had sexual relations. The tattoo on Maximus' arm reads, "SPQR." The letters relate to an often-used Latin phrase, Senatus Populusque Romanus, which means "the Senate and People of Rome." However, it is highly unlikely a Roman general would have such a tattoo, as tattoos were worn by foreigners and lower-class citizens.

How long did it take to film the movie enough?

how long did it take to film the movie "enough"

Who died first in movie Scream?

SPOILER ALERT: The first to die in the movie was Casey's boyfriend followed not that long afterwards by Casey. This was a shock to people when the film first debuted as the actress playing Casey was given such a big billing that nobody expected her to die so quickly

What is the hyperbole of saying the movie was so bad?

For the most part anything that is an opinion will have hyperbole behind it. You will usually want to disregard your opinion if you want to avoid hyperbole, discuss the technical aspects of the film, i.e. the cast and crew's film history or movies that have similar features.

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When was Spoiler - film - created?

Spoiler - film - was created in 1998.

What is a movie on history called?

A historical film :)

How famous was Star Wars in 1977?

It was the biggest film of the 70s and the 80s!! It is the film that changed movie making forever. No one had seen special effects or a story quite like that one. It stayed in theaters a whole year just to give you some idea. It still remains one of the biggest movies of film history.

Is chithram a hit movie?

Yes..It was one of the biggest hits in Malayalam film industry.

Is the film JFK a good representation of history?

The film, 'JFK,' is a good representation of history. This movie included facts about this event. There were also actual video clips of JFK being assassinated in this film.

What was Tom Cruise's biggest opening movie?

Top Gun was Tom Cruise's biggest opening movie. Top Gun was a 1986 American action drama film directed by Tony Scott.

Which is the most famous Nigerian movie of all time?

Nigeria has the biggest movie industry in Africa. The film industry in Nigeria has been nicknamed Nollywood. The most famous Nigerian movie of all time is a film called Living In Bondage.

Was the photodrama of creation first synchronized sound movie?

Yes it was! Check the American Movie Classics, Timeline of Greatest Film Milestones and Turning Points in Film History-The Year 1914

When was the action film the expendables first released?

The action film The Expendables featuring some of today's biggest action heroes was first released in 2010. Since then, they have released a follow up movie to this film.

What movie's chariot race was the most-edited single sequence in film history cutting 200000 feet of film down to 750?


Will Harry Potter die in the last film?

*SPOILER ALERT* If the film is true to the book, Harry will sacrifice himself to be killed, but not actually die.

Is 'Avatar' famous?

To date, James Cameron's movie Avatar is the highest grossing film worldwide in history.