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The best word to describe Selena Gomez is that is is really funny,great actress and amazing sense of style!

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Q: What is the best word to describe Selena gomez?
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What is Selena gomez's favorite word?

Selena Gomez's favorite word is Filipino

What Selena Gomez pass word?


Do he like Selena Gomez. I am talking about Justin Bieber.?

No. Justin Bieber does not like Selena Gomez. I heard alot of things but im positive he doesnt like her. Although it seems like Selena does like him, because in an interview they said describe Justin in oe word and she said "how do i out, i wish he was two years older in one word?"... So There you have it! hope that helped :]

What is Selena Gomez favorate word?

I'm not sure but she hates the word hyprocricy lol

What Selena Gomez favorite word?


Did Selena Gomez ever sing Hot 'n Cold the one with a cuss word in it?


Can you give me a sentence using the word saw?

I saw selena gomez in concert. TRUE STORY!

Has Selena Gomez cursed in any of her songs?

Yes, She says the D word in Hit The Lights and Whiplash

Does Selena gomez have her own album?

its not hoe: that's a garden tool! but yes she is what u called the proper word is w horeReal Answer: She is not a hoe, or a w hore. What would make you think that? And her name is spelled with a z, Selena Gomez

When Selena Gomez sang superbass did she say the bad words?

she did say 1 bad word she is singing the song and this is how the song is but selena never said a bad word so dont worry

Why did Selena Gomez have cuss words in her album when the sun goes down?

She doesn't. All her songs are clean. She a very down to earth pop star and ignore all the rumors of her that are bad, they aren't true.EDITEDIt is known that Selena Gomez has used only one bad word ever in her song. Read the lyrics of "Hit The Lights" Sung by Selena Gomez and you'll know what the word is.

Does selena gomez lik you?

Why don't u learn how to spell the word like before asking a stupid question.