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When learning a piece of music, the best way to learn it is to practice it. You want to get to the point where your body knows what to do next without you having to think about it - it's just like an athlete learning how to play sports well.

Start with just a little bit - memorize the first page of the music, or the first few lines of the song. Then, once you've got that, add more and more until you have the whole thing done.

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Basically learning one set at a time. Go through all the sets one after another. (When learning set 6, find where that set is and go to it, and then go to 123456 (may repeat a couple of times), find out where set 7 is, etc.)

I like to go through my sets in my head before a performance. Preparing mentally before the show helps a lot.

Mark up your music (if your director allows) with the set transitions, knowing where you are along with the notes/counts.

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There is really no an easy way to memorize marching band music. You just have to study the music hard and try your best to memorize it.

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Q: What is the best way to memorize marching band music?
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