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The Best- Selling Tour of All Time:-

*The Rolling Stones -"A Bigger Bang"- $558 mil (2005-2007)

*U2- "Vertigo"- $389 mil (1994-1995)

*MADONNA- "Sticky & Sweet"- $280 mil (2008)

*Lady Gaga- "The Monster Ball"- $200mil+ (This is in less than 1 year)

*CHER- "The Farewell"- $192.5 mil (2002-2005)

U2's 360 Tour is now regarded to be the fastest selling tickets for a tour, exceeding Michael Jacksons record. Sales of more than 460,000 in one day!

The 360 tour is also expected to make more than $650 million during 09 / 10

Paul McCartney has sold 50,000 tickets in 11 seconds. And 4,000 in seven seconds.

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Q: What is the best selling tour concert of all time?
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What is the best- selling female tour concert of all time?

Madonna sticky & sweet tour

What is the best selling hip hop concert of all time?

hard knock life tour

Mariah Careys Largest Concert?

The Adventures Of Mimi, 2006. The concert is available on DVD & Blu Ray. It was announced her biggest selling tour of all time!

Who is better as a performer Madonna or Mariah?

Madonna...biggest selling tour or concert by solo female or male of all time with Sticky and Sweet 08.

Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour?

The best of both worlds concert tour was in 2008 featuring the Jonas brothers. Singing the songs from Hannah Montana the soundtrack.

When will the beegees have a concert in 2010 and where?

they have no plans for a tour at this time

Who holds the record for the fastest selling concert tickets?

The record for the fastest selling concert tickets is held by K-pop group BTS, with their "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" world tour selling out in under 20 minutes.

What was miley's first concert tour song?

Best of both worlds

How much money could you get for selling a Hannah Montana ticket?

It really depends, but the largest amount of money that some one got for the best of both world's concert tour was over $2000.

Is the Jonas brothers Last recent concert called Burning up concert tour?

The last concert tour was called the Burning up tour, and the next one is the world tour. =].

What are some acheavements that the Jonas brothers have made?

their 2007 album went platinum. the Hannah Montana best of both worlds tour went sold out every concert. their tour which was right after the best of both worlds tour went sold out every concert. things like that

Are Big Time Rush going on a tour?

they go on tour in the show but i think they will sometime soon since they had their 1st concert in time square.