What is the best Dethklok song?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the best Dethklok song?
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Is dethklok on Guitar Hero?

The song Thunderhorse by Dethklok is a bonus song on Guitar Hero II for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360.

What is a Dethklok song?

Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle is a great song. They all are, but that one is the funniest :D

When was Dethklok created?

Dethklok was created in 2006.

Is dethklok kool?

F*** yea!!!! hell yea man!!! who ever doesnt like dethklok can go forth and die!!!!!just like the song called go forth and die!!

Does dethklok worship the devil?

Dethklok is a cartoon death metal band, so no. They worship nothing.

Does Dethklok have any cds?

Dethklok has put out The Dethalbum and The Dethalbum II is due out this September, 2009.

Is Dethklok a christian band?


When will be a Guitar Hero Dethklok?

No Yes!

What is the name of dethklok's house?


Is deathklok satanic?

No Dethklok is not Satanic.

Is there going to Be Guitar Hero Dethklok and Rock Band 3?

They are the Dethklok Teaser at the Guitar hero 5 menu. Knows it's a Spoiler :)

Were can you fine dethklok songs to here?