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Q: What is the band major's stick called?
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A stick with which leader of a band beats time?

You could be referring to the conductor's baton.

How do you make a rubber band slingshot?

A rubber band slingshot can be made with a rubber band and a stick. The stick needs to be in the shape of a Y. Put the rubber band around the two small pieces of the stick and you will have a slingshot.

Why did the turkey join the band?

It had the drum stick

What does the peel and stick silly band do?

There is no such thing.

What is the stick called?

The actual stick of the Lacrosse stick is called a shaft.

How do you shorten a metal band?

Stick it in cold water.

What is The stick with which the leader of the a band beats time?


What is the stick with which the leader of a band beats times?


A pedestrian with a white stick and red band is?

A pedestrian with a white stick and a red band means that they are blind and deaf.. hopefully they are not walking alone :P

What is the band called in i'am in the band?

The band is called Iron Weasel.

What is the name of the person who leads the marching band?

The band director is in charge of the band overall. However, a Drum Major is usually seen leading the band in performances (especially parades) and possibly conducts the band during their field show though this job is sometimes left to the director. Depending upon the size of the band there may be multiple Drum Majors either each serving on the same level or having a hierarchy with a Senior/Executive Drum Major followed by the Junior/Asst. Drum major. Some marching bands also refer to these people as Field Commanders instead of Drum Majors, usually it just depends upon the organization.

Is their a band called screare you a secret?

yes their is a band called that and it is a screamo band