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Q: What is the babys name in the simsons show?
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Is The Simsons a good tv show?


What is the mom name for the simsons?


What is the Simsons girls name?

Lisa And Maggie

What is Homer simsons mothers name?


Whats the simsons grandparents name?

Abraham Simpson.

What is the name of the girl in the simsons?

Lesya, Maggie, Marge

What was the babys original name on raising hope show?

Princess Beyonce

What is Bart simsons dog name?

Santa's Little Helper

Where are the Simsons?

nebraska We can only speculate. The whereabouts of the Springfield from the show has never been revealed.

How did the band fall ouy boy get their name?

When the band asked the fans what their name should be some one shouted out "fall out boy" they instantly liked it. but fall out boy was the name of a character in the simsons (The TV show). when mat groeng (the guy that created the simsons. i don't know how to spell his last name) heard about the band he thought that they had the name first. and the band thought the TV show had the name first. so both was afraid that one would sue the other (neither of them got sued)

In the simsons who or what is santa little helper?

Santa's Little Helper - is the name of The Simpson's dog.

What Chanel is Simsons on?