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Answers vary, idiot

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Q: What is the answer to all the AR quizzes?
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What is the website for taking ar quizzes?

go to for all the answers but first u have to sign up the go and send the creator of it ask him for any book answers for accelerated reader quiz or AR quizzes

What is the website for AR quizzes?

Read it can take it at school

What are the answers for ar quizzes?

they are reall easy so go on images and look at the pommel, cantle and all that cool stuff :)

Can you find copies of AR quizzes online?

idk if u can.and just a little hint if u try to take an AR quiz on line its not as easy as u think.

Where are ar quizzes online?

explain how White Fang's relationship whit Weedon Sdott marked "the beginning of a new life".

All logo and mascot quizzes?

no there not

How many AR points do you get for the book A Wrinkle in Time?

It is a 4.7 and worth 7 points. For more answers to the points and AR levels, visit and click on shop. The search quizzes.

How do you look up a AR book?

Your school may have a list on its website of books that have AR quizzes and the number of points that they have. There are some websites that have AR lists. Your child may have been given a printed list of books in their reading level.

What are the answers to the murder under the microscope quizzes The words to get the certificates?

Try to answer all the quizzes. The first code is when

What is the website where kids take there AR quizzes?

There is no website to take AR tests. Schools want to be able to monitor student progress. You can generally access your school website for a list of books and points.

Quizes or quizzes?


What is the purpose of quizzes?

some quizzes are for fun and most quizzes are to find out other things about urself..personality quizzes,ect.

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