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Q: What is the age of Phil Dwyer in Twilight?
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What is Phil's last name in Twilight?

Phil Dwyer. Bella's mom's second husband that plays baseball. Bella's stepdad., :) All i know for the age is that in the movie he is younger than Bella's mom.

What is the name of Bella's mother's husband's name in the movie twilight?

Phil Dwyer.

What is Phil from Twilight's surname?

Phil is Bella Swan's step dad, and he's the coach for a high school baseball team.

What was Bella's mom's last name from the book twilight?

She is married to Phil Dwyer, so she is Renee Dwyer. I do not think the series ever mention her maiden name.

What did renee dwyer from twilight do for a living?

In Arizona, she was a substitute teacher (when she wasn't traveling with Phil). But for the rest of the books she is unemployed.

When was Phil Dwyer born?

Phil Dwyer was born on 1953-10-28.

When was Phil Dwyer - musician - born?

Phil Dwyer - musician - was born on 1965-12-17.

What is renee's husband in twilight first and last name?

you never learn his last name, but his first name is Phil

What is the name of Bella's moms boyfriend's name?

his name is Phil and becomes Bella's stepdadHis name is Phil Dwyer, and he is Bella's stepdad.

What is phils last name from twilight?

i am pretty sure its Taylor pay ationtion 4 i slap u silly

What happens to Bella Swans mom in the twilight series?

Sheget remarried toa Minor League Baseball player named Phil Dwyer and moves to Jacksonville, Florida.

Who plays Renee Dwyer who is Isabella Swan's mother in Twilight?

Renee Dwyer, who is Isabella Swan's mother, is played by Sarah Clarke in Twilight and Eclipse.