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2 years

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Q: What is the age difference between justin and selena?
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How much of an age difference is there between drew and Selena?

10 years

What age did Justin become Selena's girlfriend?

At age 14 or 15!

How old is Justin Bieber's girlfriend and what is her name?

Selena Gomez, she is the same age as Justin.

Does Selena Gomez have a boyfriend at the age of 18?

yes, Justin BieberYES!!!!!! it is Justin Bieber!

Who is Justin Bieber in a relationship with that is the same age?

Selena Gomez

Should Justin Bieber be dating Selena Gomez who is older?

Justin is 2 years younger he turned 17 this year while Selena will be 19. Personally i don't think they should be dating, even if the law allows a 2 year age difference.

Does the UK think that it is wrong for selena gomez and justin bieber to date because selena is older then justin?

I think age dose't matter long has they are happy

What is the age diffrencent between Justin Bieber?

Between Justin Bieber and who?

Why is justin bieber dating selena gomez even if he is younger?

Well I always believed age doesn't really matter unless you are WAY far apart in age. They are only 2 years apart. Justin is 17, Selena is 19.

How can Justin bieber date Selena Gomez if she is 16 and Justin bieber is only 17 this year?

Selena is 18 and Justin is turning 17. Who cares about age. You are just saying that because you are jealous. And besides you don't choose who she dates and who Justin beiber dates.

How old was Selena when her mom died?

selenas mom died because shes going out with Justin bieber and kuz of her fault Justin is letting his fans down):

What is the age who love Justin Buber?

Selena Gomez is his girlfriend and she's either 19 or 20