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Because it steel wire can be use as it own earth connection

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Q: What is the advantage of steel wire amour?
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What is the advantage of steel wire?

Steel wire is strong.

Does construction use steel wire?

Construction uses steel wire

Does Illinois have steel wire manufacturing?

Illinois has steel wire manufacturing

Does housing use steel wire?

Housing uses steel wire

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using steel wire armoured cable?

The advantage is that it is strong and can stand up to many types of weather. Disadvantage is that it will get rusty easy.

Does steel wire or aluminium wire stretch more after exceeding its elastic limit?

Steel wire tends to stretch more than aluminum wire after exceeding its elastic limit. This is due to the different mechanical properties of the two materials, with steel being more ductile than aluminum.

Do the automotive industries use steel wire?

The automotive industries use steel wire

Are steel wire industry workers unionized?

Most steel wire industry workers are in the United Steel Workers of America

What type of bindinwire is used for binding of steel?

The most highly recommended type of binding wire used to bind steel is stainless steel binding wire. Annealed steel wires and galvanized steel wire can be used as well.

Are steel wire industry workers in the United Steel Workers of America?

Most steel wire industry workers are in the United Steel Workers of America

Is galvanized steel wire better for fences then non-galvanized steel wire?

There's really no such thing as a steel wire fence without galvanising. An ungalvanized steel wire fence would rust the first time it rained. Therefore you'd rather have galvanized steel or another option. Yes, galvanized steel wire is better suited for fences instead of non-galvanized steel wire. The reason for this is that the galvanizationn process coats the steel with a zinc coating, making it rust-resistant in the presence of moisture.

Do steel wiredrawing plants make wire cages?

Steel wiredrawing plants manufacture wire cages