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It's called "Dies Irae" and is apart of Mozart's Requiem...

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Q: What is the actual song name moze's volleyball song by Mozart For neds declassified school survival guide?
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In a middle school full of bullies Insane teachers And gross school lunches! Ned Bigby, that's me And my two best friends Try to do the impossible Help create a guide to help you survive school (MUSIC, ACTUAL SONG LYRICS.) Growin' up Lookin' out I'll survive ain't no doubt Never fear Bring it on Break it down What's in my way! yeah yeah yeahhh Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (Results may vary) Whoa whoa whoaaa!!!

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What genre of music Mozart?

Mozart composed in the "Classical" period, an era quite distinct to "Baroque" which preceded it, and "Romantic" which followed. Within this, his genres included chamber music, opera, piano sonata, piano concerto, mass, dance and divertimento, among other genres.

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