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It is called Spartacus End Titles and is available on iTunes by looking up the composer Joseph LoDuca.

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Q: What is the Spartacus blood and sand theme song?
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What is Evolution's theme song?

The theme song for Evolution is "Line in the Sand" by Motorhead.

What is Evolution's WWE theme song?

Line In The Sand by Motorhead

Which WWE superstar had line in the sand as their theme song?


What is Gangrel's Theme Song?

blood brothers

What was the theme song of WWE Bad Blood 2003?

The theme song for the 2003 WWE Pay Per View Bad Blood was " Headstrong " by Trapt.

Who's theme song is if line in the sand?

The song is actually... Line In The Sand by Motorhead.... and it was used at the wrestling theme for Evolution (which consisted of...Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, And Ric Flair)... Hope this is what u wanted to know! =-)

Who sings the blood ties theme song?

Tamara Rhodes

Randy ortons old theme song?

Burn In My Light but i do not know who sings it

What is the theme song of True Blood Season 2?

The song is called Bad Things by Jace Everett.

Was the song Spartacus Suite For Orchestra No 2 in a movie?


What is the WWE superstars theme song?

The theme song to WWE Superstars is " Invincible " by Adelitas Way.Triple H has the best theme songs. He has three "The Game, The King of Kings and Evolution." All three songs were performed by Motorhead. Other than that The Undertaker's theme song is pretty cool.Actually It is not called "Evolution" it was "Line in the Sand" by Moterhead

What is the hard core song that starts out with a medieval theme?

Iron maiden, Blood brothers?