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Q: What is the Name of dog in Jesse stone movies?
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Is there a dog in the Jesse Stone books?


Does the dog die in the Jesse Stone book Night Passage?

there is no dog

What movie and television projects has Joe the Dog been in?

Joe the Dog has: Played Sidewalk dog in "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" in 1992. Played Reggie in "Stone Cold" in 2005. Played Cinnamon in "Relative Chaos" in 2006. Played Reggie in "Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise" in 2006. Played Reggie in "Jesse Stone: Sea Change" in 2007. Played Reggie in "Jesse Stone: Thin Ice" in 2009. Played Pants pulling dog in "Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day" in 2009. Played Morph Dog in "Haven" in 2010. Played Reggie in "Jesse Stone: No Remorse" in 2010. Played Porch dog in "November Christmas" in 2010. Played himself in "The Beekeepers" in 2010. Played Reggie in "Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost" in 2011. Played Reggie in "Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt" in 2012.

Is the dog in the Bush's beans commercial the same one that's in the Jesse Stone series?


What is Jesse McCartney's dog name?

The Maltese dog he has is named Maddox

Does Jesse mcartney have a dog?

Yes his name is Ronald and he's a bordar collie!

What was the name of Gene Autry's dog in the movies?


What type of dog in the story Stone Fox?

The name of Little Willy's dog is Searchlight. I don't know what the name of Stone Foxes dogs is but I know that they are Samoyed's

What is the dog's name from Game Plan and has he been in any other movies or shows?

Spike. And no

Viewing order of Jesse Stone movies?

The Jesse Stone series was released in this order: Stone Cold Night Passage Death in Paradise Sea Change Thin Ice No Remorse Innocents Lost Benefit of the Doubt BUT--- the order to see them (since Night Passage was a prequel made after the series began) is as follows: 1. Night Passage (prequel) 2. Stone Cold 3. Death in Paradise 4. Sea Change 5. Thin Ice 6. No Remorse 7. Innocents Lost 8. Benefit of the Doubt All of them are great. Leonardo

What kind of dog is Jesse on the show family guy?

A cartoon dog.

What is the name of the Leader of their world of drugs in alpha dog?

johnny truelove; based on real life Jesse James Hollywood