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Q: What is the NCS colour number for Farrow and Ball Lichen?
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Where can one purchase wallpaper from Farrow and Ball?

Wallpaper from Farrow and Ball can be purchased through the Farrow and Ball website or the Farrow and Ball stores located through the United States and Canada.

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How to convert Farrow and Ball colours to Ral

How do you convert farrow and ball paint colours to a ral number?

To convert Farrow and Ball paint colors to a RAL number, you can use an online converter tool. It gives you alternative colors filtered by color range and specifications, with an RAL number listed for each color.

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Which companies manufacture floral wallpaper?

There are a number of companies that manufacture floral wallpaper. Some of these companies that manufacture floral wallpaper are Brewster Wall Covering, Farrow and Ball, and Waverly.

How many showrooms does farrow and ball have worldwide?

25 - list of them on their website at

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