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"Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee is the Most popular reggaeton song world wide

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2009-04-22 01:25:25
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Q: What is the Most popular reggaeton song?
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What are three reasons why reggaeton is so popular?

Reggaeton is so popular because of its lyrics, sound, and rythm

In what country has reggaeton become most popular?

The music and dance itself originated in Panama. But later reggaeton stared evolving into Puerto Rico. Today it still is most popular in puerto rico. Reggaeton was first heard in puerto rico, and then it became more popular here because more puerto ricans started to make some more.

Whats that Reggaeton song get it from the back?

Get it from the back by Dj Wilson

What type of music do they have in Puerto Rico?

Salsa and Merengue are most popular. Although Reggaeton is listened to the more younger generation.

Most popular Hispanic music in Florida?

Depends on the age. Salsa, reggaeton, merengue, pop-rock latino, ect, ?

Why did Reggaeton become popular?

Reggaeton was made popular by the hispanic youth as it was recognised as a musical genre that they can call their own. This has now spread across all latin communities around the world.

What music is popular in Puerto Rico?

We listen to everything in Puerto Rico even hits from the US but we invented two kind of genres Salsa and Reggaeton the most popular for teens right now is Reggaeton, there is alot of reggaeton artist right now it also depends on people's like my favorite is salsa, merengue, bachata and reggeaton hope i could help :)

What is Shakira's most popular song?

Her most popular song is 'she wolf'

What is drake's most popular song?

His Most Popular Song To Date Is "Over"(:

What is the most popular song topic?

The most popular song topic is LOVE.

Whats Miley Cyrus' most popular song?

Her most popular song is If we were a movie

What is the most popular song on YouTube?

the most popular song on youtube is gangam style.

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