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the first track on squeeze's album 'cosi fan tutti frutti' is "BIG BENG".

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Q: What is the First song on the album Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti?
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When was Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti created?

Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti was created in 1985-08.

What is the ISBN of Cosi Fan Tutti?

The ISBN of Cosi Fan Tutti is 0571179207.

How many pages does Cosi Fan Tutti have?

Cosi Fan Tutti has 332 pages.

When was Cosi Fan Tutti created?

Cosi Fan Tutti was created on 1997-01-01.

How do you pronounce Cosi Fan Tutti?

It is easy Cosi Fan Tutti! coe-ZEE fahn TOOT-tee.

Cosi Fan Tutti was written by?


Who composed to 'Cosi Fan Tutti' wrote the words to 'Cosi Fan Tutti'?

The music for Cosi Fan Tutti was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the libretto was by Lorenzo Da Ponte. The two collaborated on Le Nozze di Figaro and Don Giovanni as well.

Who composed the music and wrote Cosi Fan Tutti?


May the winds be gentle 'mozart'?

Cosi Fan Tutti

Who wrote the words to cosi fan tutti?

Lorenzo da Ponte

Composed the music to the opera cosi fan tutti?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Who composed th music and wrote words to 'Cosi Fan Tutti'?

Mozart wrote the music and the libretto (words) was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte.