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union teritories

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Q: What is the English meaning of kendra shashit pradesh?
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Bharat me-n kendra shashit rajya kaun se hain?

delhi chadigarh andman nikobar goa dadarnagar hahveli jamu kasmir

What is the name 'Kendra' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is 'Kendra' in German?

The same as in English

What does keidra mean in Hebrew?

Kendra is an Old English variant of Kendrick, possibly meaning "royal power", and has no meaning in Hebrew. But you can spell it phonetically as קנדרה

What is the name kendra?

The full name of the TV personality popularly known as 'Kendra' is Kendra Leigh Wilkinson. She was born the 12th of June of 1985 and became famous for being one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, and for starring the reality television show 'The Girls Next Door'.

Who sings to Kendra in Hey Kendra in the musical 13?

Brett sings to Kendra in "Hey Kendra"

What does the name kendry mean?

There is no such name as Kendry,there is only Kendra which means 'All Knowing' in English.

What is the Italian translation of 'Kendra'?

Kendra is a Gaelic loan name in Italian.Specifically, the name is a feminine proper noun. Its original meaning may be "greatest champion," "knowledge" or "understanding." The pronunciation is "KEHN-drah."

What nicknames does Kendra Chanae Chapman go by?

Kendra Chanae Chapman goes by Kendra Chanae, and Kendra Chapman.

What does the name Kenna mean?

"Kenna" is listed as a female form of the name Kenneth, with the meaning "beautiful" or "born of fire". It may also derive from the Welsh variant "Kendra" meaning "great champion" or the Old English word "ken" (knowing). The Gaelic version of Kenna is originally a masculine name meaning "handsome".

What nicknames does Kendra James go by?

Kendra James goes by Kendra James.

What did kendra read?

Which Kendra do you mean?