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Q: What is the 'Scourgify' spell used for?
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If your a wizard what's a room cleaning spell?

A common cleaning spell used by wizards is "Scourgify," which can quickly and efficiently clean a room. By simply pointing a wand and uttering the incantation, dirt and mess can be magically removed. Remember to practice caution as powerful spells can sometimes have unintended consequences.

What is the drying spell in Harry Potter?

I don't think there is a spell to acctually dry something, but you could use Scourgify ( Cleans something ), or Evanseco ( Makes something vanish ) or just use Impervius to start with ( Repels water).

What spell is used to float objects in the air?

Levicorpus is The Spell.

What is spell absorbsion in oblivion?

it absorbs the spell so that you get a portion of magicka in which the spell is so if the spell they used needs 90 magicka and your spell absorption is 15% then you get 15% of their spell :)

What do the letters liongire spell?

Those letters can be used to spell "religion".

How do you spell youst?


What does these letter's seiliorat rearrange spell?

Those letters can be used to spell "solitaire".

What do the letters ticuhsanniloal rearrange to spell?

Those letters can be used to spell "hallucinations".

Can you use 'Double Spell' in Yu-Gi-Oh on a Continuous Spell card?

Yes, Double Spell can be used to activate a Continuous Spell card.

What spell revives someone who has been hit by a Stunning spell in Harry Potter?

Rennervate is the spell used to revive someone hit by a Stunning Spell.

What can the Google spell check be used for?

If spell check is set up to run on Google Chrome or websites then it can be used to spell check any typing done on that browser. It also notifies if the punctuation or a capital is used incorrectly.

How do you spell t-shirt?

I spell it as T.Shirt when using it as a singular but t.shirt when used in a sentence.