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thousand miles vanessa carlton

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Q: What is that song that says making my way downtown it comes on white chicks?
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Witch movie is dirtyer hot chicks or white chicks?

white chicks

What is the duration of White Chicks?

The duration of White Chicks is 1.83 hours.

When was White Chicks created?

White Chicks was created on 2004-06-23.

When was Chicks in White Satin created?

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What was the Production Budget for White Chicks?

The Production Budget for White Chicks was $20,000,000.

What is white chicks rated?

White Chicks (2004) is rated PG-13.

What is the duration of Chicks in White Satin?

The duration of Chicks in White Satin is 1500.0 seconds.

Is there a band called white chicks?

no, I don't think so but there is a movie called White Chicks

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White Chicks grossed $69,148,997 in the domestic market.

Are Mexican chicks hotter than white chicks?


When was White Chicks released?

White Chicks came out in 2004 and stared Shawn who plays Kevin and Marlon Wayans who plays Marcus:)

What was the names of the girls on white chicks?

You watched White Chicks too many times, It's Britney and Tiffany Wilson