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Q: What is that movie called were a lady gets run over a truck and dies and becomes a tooth fairy?
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What is the Tooth fairy movie with The rock called?

Tooth Fairy....(~_~)

What is the movie title 'Tooth Fairy' in German?

The film Tooth Fairy was called Zahnfee auf Bewährung in German

What movie has a tooth fairy that kills people?

The Tooth Fairy, a movie from 2006.

How long does the movie tooth fairy run for?

The movie Tooth Fairy is 102 Minutes long.

Is there a tooth fairy called tooth mouse?

yes the mexican tooth fairy is called tooth mouse

What is the movie title 'Tooth Fairy' in Finnish?

Hammaskeiju is a Finnish equivalent to the title of the movie 'Tooth Fairy'.

What is the Scottish tooth fairy called?

The Scottish tooth fairy is called tannfé.

Who was tooth fairy the serial killer?

In the movie The Red Dragon, Francis Dolarhyde is a fictional character and the main antagonist. He was called the tooth fairy. He was the serial killer in that movie.

When does the movie The Tooth Fairy come out on DVD?

The Tooth Fairy comes out on April 13th.

Can Chase Ellison really play the guitar?

He had to learn how to for the movie tooth fairy but he stopped practicing after the movie.

Is there going to be a tooth fairy 2?

i think not if your talking about the movie but if you are talking about the real tooth fairy i think so i think there is alot of tooth fairies

What is the movie title 'Tooth Fairy' in Russian?

Зубная фея is a Russian equivalent to the title of the movie 'Tooth Fairy'.