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Q: What is that anime show that has a team of demon-hunters led by a witch with blond pig-tails?
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What is the anime that has a team of demon-hunters that is lead by a teenage witch with blond pig-tails?

Witch Hunter Robin, perhaps?

Is WITCH an anime?

No, it's Italian made with anime influences.

Are there any anime cartoons with wizards and witches?

yes there is eg. Sabrina the teenage witch, WITCH and others.

What color hair does the witch have out of left4dead?

The witches hair coler is a bleach blond.

Where do you watch Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru?

u can't it isn't an anime yet sadly D: they didn't make an anime for it

Is there any other anime like chrno crusade?

Witch Hunter Robin .

Where can you watch Witch blade season 2 anime online with no downloads?

I am sorry to say that the witch blade show ended cause the witch blade bearer Die and took the blade with her. :(

What anime movie was on Cartoon Network about a young girl who was a witch and made friends?

"Kiki's Delivery Service" .

What are some good songs for a gothic anime?

princess tutu D.Gray Man Witch Hunter Robin

What is an antonym for witch?

There is none, unless you are thinking about a teen series/anime book I believe I saw once.

Do you know a anime where there a girl who is a witch and has a lil laptop where it can make lil magic pills andShe gives it to her friend who is the popular girl I forgot the name what is it called?

Its Called Namine The Witch.

Were does the name 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' come from?

If you watch the Anime, Haruhi is Melancholy in some parts, witch means Sad and Depressed.