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Go follow upcoming Rapper 2ez on twitter @iMiteJustDoit she knows

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Q: What is swizz beatz phone number?
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When was Swizz Beatz born?

Swizz Beatz was born on August 30, 1978.

What is the birth name of Swizz Beatz?

Swizz Beatz's birth name is Kasseem David Dean.

Who is richer Alicia or her husband swizz?

Swizz beatz

What is swizz beatz aim?

Swizz Beatz aim is the same thing as his twitter. Twitter:@THEREALSWIZZZ Aim: THEREALSWIZZZ

How tall is swizz beatz?


What color is Swizz Beatz is?


When was Swizz Beatz Presents G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories created?

Swizz Beatz Presents G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories was created on 2002-12-10.

What is the net worth of swizz beats?

I, swizz beatz, worth 49 mills I, swizz beatz, worth 49 mills i SEE YA HUBLOT WATCH (INSIDE JOKE)

Is swizz beatz black?

Swizz has a black mother and puerto rican father

Who is Alicia Keys boyfriend?

Swizz Beatz

What is swizz beatz wife name?


Did Swizz Beatz get a divorce?

Yes with Mashonda