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In good condition with magazine--Around 300 dollars (US)

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Q: What is squires bingham 22 model14 worth?
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What is this rifle worth a Squires Bingham model 14 22 long rifle in good shape?


When was the Squires Bingham Mfg 22 caliber Rifle model 11 produced?

The company is still in business.

When was the squires bingham mfg 22 caliber rifle model 20 produced?

No published sn data

What is the price of a Squires Bingham 22Mag revolver?

as source on the internet called gun digest books for cowboy action shooting which came up when i typed in squire bingham 22 caliber revolver said it was as follows: E 225 VG 125 G 100 F 80 P 60 I have one in just the 22 caliber.

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Kassnar rifle mod.16 ser. a073357 22 cal. squires bingham how old is it?

Kassnar Imports operation ceased april,1989. They imported firearms in the 1970s and 80s. Not a lot of other information available- sorry.

Where can you get a gun clip for a 22 caliber squires Bingham 14?

You can't because there is no such thing as a "gun clip" for the weapon you mention. You can, however, find a ammunition magazine if you search gun shops, do internet searches and try looking at

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