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Eminem is a hero for a lot of reasons he had a very hard life but he dealed with it and sucked it up. He didn't have a dad and his mom was crazy. And he got married to his now ex-wife Kim and took care of her and his daughter Hailie and raised his neice Laney and worked hard for money just to take care of them and keep food on the table. And one Christmas someone broke into their house and stoll all the presents and he stayed up all night crying. And he saw his wife Kim kissing another man and he had a gun but he took out the bullets because if not he would have shot both of them but he still went to jail two years probation but the only thing he was worried about was what he was gonna say to Hailie and Laney. And people always broke into their house and Hailies mom Kim went to jail and she was always wondering where her mommy was but Eminem told her it was all gonna be ok and mommy would be fine you are and always will be a true hero Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

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Well he was inspired by LL Cool J ,ext. So he went to the Rap Olympics and Dr.Dre heard about him and then contacted him. After that Eminem got a record deal.

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He's an accepted white rapper, which is almost impossible to come across

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Q: What is so special about Eminem?
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