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I am pretty sure a silver record is 100,000 or 250,000 sold...Gold is 500,000 sold and platinum is 1,000,000 sold

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Q: What is silver record gold record platinum record?
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Which is bigger in albums gold or platinum?

platinum by thousands

Who has the most 1 records in music business?

As of January 2004, Elvis Presley has 147 different albums and singles certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum by the RIAA. By far, Elvis has more RIAA certifications than any other artist or group. It is estimated that Elvis has sold over one billion records worldwide, more that anyone else in the history of the record business! The RIAA is the official body to which record companies report record sales figures and request the awarding of gold and platinum records to their artists for American sales achievements. The RIAA came into existence in 1958. Elvis had many gold records before that time that were awarded in-house from his record company, RCA. However, RCA, for the most part, did not request retroactive RIAA certification of these pre-RIAA record sales achievements. Also, over the years RCA sis not often request additional certification when the records went gold again, or request retroactive platinum certification when the platinum status was created in the 1970's. Therefore, in Elvis' lifetime he did not get all of the gold and platinum certifications he was due, and in th eyears following his death the award certification became even more badly outdated. Some time after BMG bought RCA Records, the new administration decided to go back and make it right. But, pre-computer files on Elvis' sales were mis-filed, incomplete, lost and scattered. It happened that in 1990 Graceland had acquired the lifetime collection of files, photography, memorabilia of Colonel Tom Parke, Elvis' long-time career manager. Colonel's files were more complete and were well-organized. In early 1992, RCA and Graceland worked together to bring auditors from the RIAA to Graceland to go through Colonel's files. It is estimated that 40% of Elvis' record sales have been outside the U.S. But , exact figures for all the countries around the world are even harder to come by than the American sales figures. In August 1997 at a special persentation at Graceland, over 100 awards were presented for world wide record sales, including a plaque for over 400 million records sold outside the U.S. The above was taken from 8/15/2007 by a loyal Elvis fan. Passed away 30 years ago - seems like only yesterday - and he's still charting gold records & taking care of business!

I'm 60 Am I silver age or gold age?

your silver until you hit 65

What is Rza from the Wu -tang clan net worth?

fifty gold sixty platinum

Which artists had a quadruple Platinum album in 2001?

Staind's second album ("Break the Cycle") released in 2001 was certified Gold Platinum and quadruple Platinum.J Lo (Jennifer Lopez)