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Mikey, the protagonist is witnessed and saw his father's death and his mom is in rehab

therefore, he's forced to live with his estranged uncle Myron and switch high schools.

In the new school, he meets new friends and new enemies, and also,

he meets a girl Ashley, which then becomes his girlfriend.

For a while, it seems like Mickey's not so good life is finally improving

until Ashley vanishes and it was shocking and unbelievable when it happened.

Mikey then realizes that he doesn't want to loose anyone else he loves.

Mickey follows Ashley's trail into a shocking new world that reveals that this sweet

shy girl isn't who she claimed to be and neither was Mickey's father.

Soon, Mickey learns about a plan so shocking that it makes high school drama

seem extra and leaves him questioning everything about the life he thought he knew.

He finds out about everything and everyone, the end of the book leaves a shocking thought that

It might question you about everything all over again.

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Q: What is shelter by Harlan Coben about?
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How many pages is Shelter by Harlan coben?

"Shelter" by Harlan Coben has a total of 333 pages in its paperback edition.

What is Harlan Coben's birthday?

Harlan Coben was born on January 4, 1962.

How old is Harlan Coben?

Harlan Coben is 55 years old (birthdate: January 4, 1962).

Who wrote the Mickey Bolitar mystery novel Shelter?

Harlan Coben wrote the novel for release September 6 2011

What is the theme of shelter by harlan coben?

The theme of "Shelter" by Harlan Coben revolves around family bonds, secrets, and the lengths a person will go to protect the ones they love. The novel explores the complexities of family dynamics and the consequences of keeping secrets hidden.

What are the release dates for Hardcover Mysteries - 2010 Harlan Coben 1-6?

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When was Harlan Coben born?

Harlan Coben was born in Newark, New Jersey on January 4th, 1962. He is an American author, and commonly writes suspenseful novels. He has written many books, and has also received numerous awards for his works.

What are the release dates for Murder by the Book - 2006 Harlan Coben 2-7?

Murder by the Book - 2006 Harlan Coben 2-7 was released on: USA: 17 December 2007

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Tell No One: A Novel was written by Harlan Coben.

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The hardcover will be released on March 20 2012

What is the setting of Hold Tight by Harlan Coben?

mountains across the prairie when the wind blew for ever.

The American novelist Harlan Coben produces what type of fiction?

Harlan Coben is an American writer who was born and raised in New Jersey. During his senior year of college, Coben realized that he wanted to be a writer, and began his first novel. Since then, he has written many successful works. He specializes in mystery novels and thrillers, with the majority of his novels set in New York and New Jersey.