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The SAG scale for a feature film runs between $842 per day and $2,921 per week. For example if an actor works for 3 days they will be paid $2,526. If they work for a week they will only receive $2,921.

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Q: What is sag scale for feature film?
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What is SAG scale?

SAG is the Screen actors Guild which helps to promote the interest of all film performers who join them. They merged with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in 2012. The pay scale varies depending on the type of production the performer is in.

How much is double SAG scale for a principal in a National commercial?

Scale is $592.20, so double scale is $1184.40.

How much is SAG scale for a day player?

As of 2014, the SAG scale for a day player is a minimum of $800 per day for a television show. Rates will vary depending on the type of work.

How do you get a SAG membership card?

You can get a SAG membership card upon appearing in a film, and applying for the card. SAG cards can also be awarded to extras, and once dues are paid, the SAG card will be given.

What is the SAG pay Scale for a National Commercial?

$592.20 /day for the shoot plus residuals.

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How much is SAG scale for AAA games as a principal performer?

Not more that $800 for a four hour session, no usage.

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How much is SAG scale for motion picture for extra?

This is taken from the current SAG contract. The new SAG contract should raise this by 10% +- MINIMUM DAILY RATE SCALE General Background Actor 130.00 Special Ability Photo Double 140.00 Stand-In 145.00 Choreographed Swimmers and 340.50 Skaters Weekly rates are five times the daily rates and shall include a guarantee of five consecutive days of employment.