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rebbeca breeds

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Q: What is ruby in home and away real name?
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What is ruby in home and away's real name and age?

Her name is Rebecca Breeds and she is 23, born in June 1987.

How old is ruby in real life home and away?

I'm almost positive she's about 21. :S

From ruby and the rockets what is ruby's real name?

Alexa Vega

Does ruby die in the show home and away?


Who plays Ruby in Home and Away?

The person who plays Ruby in home and away is called Rebecca Breeds! She is 24 years old but looks about 17!

Do Geoff and ruby get together on home and away?


Who plays Ruby Buckton in Home and Away?

Rebecca Breeds

In home and away does xavier and ruby get together at the end?


What ruby real name out of eastenders?

Louisa Lytton

Who do you like on Home and Away?

i hate Huigo i always did and i like ruby

What is max and ruby's grandma's name?

On the show Max and Ruby,they refer to their grandma as grandma.It doesn't say what her real name is.I guess there is no name for the grandma.

What is real name of girl who was ruby in Son Pari?

Deepshikha played the role of Ruby in the sitcom "Son Pari".