What is rookie or amateur?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A rookie or amateur is someone who is a beginner or not a seasoned pro. These terms are used to describe athletes among other things.

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Q: What is rookie or amateur?
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Related questions

What are synonyms of rookie?

Newb or Newbie. Amateur.

How do you use rookie in a sentence?

he was new to his job so he was a rookie

What is person without training or experience?

Amateur, novice, rookie,nooblet

A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity?

A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity is Amature.

What are synonyms of the word neophyte?

beginner. novice. novitiate. amateur. tyro. trainee. greenhorn. rookie. tenderfoot. recruit. apprentice. pupil. student.

Can you name a word for somebody doing something for the first time?

Beginner, rookie, novice, amateur, inexperienced Additionally: noob, newbie, first timer

When your new at something you may be called a?

Rewording your question... "When you're new at something you may be called a ... ?"Beginner" or "novice" are appropriate. "Rookie" or "amateur" are also good, especially in sports.

Amateur in a sentence?

If you are going to keep on being so amateur they are not going to hire us. Stop being so amateur!

Name a word or expression that describes someone who's inexperienced?

Virgin Rookie Novice Ignorant Naive Amature Green Newbie NG = new guy BTW above should be Amateur

How do you used amateur in a sentence?

The word 'amateur' can be both a noun and an adjective noun use- i am an amateur adjective use- an amateur athlete

What is an opposite of rookie?

old comer non rookie not a rookie at all better than a rookie

How can you use the word amateur in a sentence?

We are not amateurs. We are real professionals.