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ANTHONY who doesn't know that!!

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Q: What is romeo first name from aventura?
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Is Romeo from aventura married?

Is romeo from aventura married

What is the name of Romeo's aventura son?

his son's name is Alex

Does aventura have any kids?

Anthony (Romeo) Does. Her Name is Alex.

When was romeo from aventura born?


What is the lead singers name of aventura?

adventure's real lead singers names are Romeo and Henry.

What is Romeo from Aventura known for?

the lead signer

How many records did aventura sell in 2002?

* Aventura is a Dominican band. * Romeo is from the Dominican Rebublica

Where did Romeo Santos from Aventura grow up?

where did romeo santos grow up

How old is romeo aventura son?

Hello my name is helen I love your music you sing so good with your music.

Who is romeo from aventura married to?

Aventura's lead singer, Anthony "Romeo" Santos, is, supposedly, in a 10-year-old relationship with texty-fingers AKA named Franchis. Supposedly, they prefer to keep their relationship private.

Does romeo play in aventura?

yes hes the lead signer

When was Alex Damian romeo from aventura born?

I no he is 10 years old