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Residence time in the boiler is typically two to five seconds, and the particles must be small enough for complete combustion to have taken place during this time.

The ratio of gas occupied to a particular volume is called residence time based on gas.

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Q: What is residence time of gas?
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What is Difference between residence time and space time?

Residence time is the time it takes a particle to complete the cycle. Space time is volume of the reactor over the velocity. If the volume does not change and the velocity remains constant then Residence time = space time, however, if there is a disturbance in the reactor (i.e., change in pressure, temp, ect.), then residence time does not equal to space time.

What is the formula for calculating residence time?

the hydraulic residence time t is given by t=V/q where V is the volume in the tank and q is the volumetric flow rate. A theoretical residence time can be given by the relationship between concentration and time ln(C)=-(t/tav) where tav in this equation is the residence time.

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